Our craving for art, energy and community in the heart of our city has never wavered.

Welcome to The Crossroads. Coming 2025.

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Situated at one of the busiest intersections in Omaha, The Crossroads is more than its iconic address. It’s where people, cultures and ideas have crossed paths and formed connections for decades.

Opening 2025, The Crossroads development will transform central Omaha as we know it. This project creates a dynamic connection between downtown and west Omaha and will merge retail, business, art, entertainment, education, health care and more, breathing life back into the heart of our city. 72nd and Dodge will thrive again.


What is the name of the new development?

The Crossroads.

Just as it was in 1960 and is true today, all roads in Omaha lead to and from The Crossroads. Throughout history, communities come together where roads cross and people meet. The Crossroads is more than just a description of its geographic location. It has and will continue to be a place for the community: where people meet, cross paths, join together and develop new connections. This project merges and connects our most important asset in Omaha — our people — with local transportation, surrounding education, health care, retail, business, arts and culture. It is uniquely positioned at the preeminent intersection of Omaha.

Will Target stay in its current location?

Target owns its current location and will remain in place. Target is a very important partner to the redevelopment of The Crossroads, and its continued commitment to our community corner is valued.

How big is the project site for The Crossroads?

The entire development, after completion, will be approximately 40 acres (for you Nebraskans, that’s ¼ of a quarter section, or 30 football fields).

What are the uses that are currently contemplated in The Crossroads?

The vision contemplates a little bit of everything. The Crossroads is being designed as a legacy quality, mixed use development that is planned to contain at least 1.5 million square feet of newly built environment for the people of Omaha to connect by residing, working, shopping, dining and playing. When complete, it will contain a vibrant mix of uses that include retail, restaurant, entertainment, office, hospitality, high-density multifamily and senior living.

But really, how big is it going to be?

We are working closely with our local partners to finalize plans for each building so the initial sizes listed below are approximate and subject to change depending on the specific needs of each client. But if you must press us for data, here’s what you should initially expect to see.

Entertainment/Lifestyle: 150,000 SF
Retail: 200,000 SF
Hotel: 150 rooms
Apartments Homes/Senior Living: Approximately 400 residences
Office Space: Up to 500,000 SF

Wow! That sounds exciting! What are our parking options?

There will be a complete renovation of the existing 2,200 stall parking garage. To bolster, there will be ample parking on the development to include a mix of underground, on-street and surface lot parking. All of this is in addition to the newly installed ORBT (Omaha Rapid Bus Transit) station. To summarize, yes, there are plenty of parking options.

Will there be public assembly space?

Absolutely. While this is a large 40-acre site (rather, 30 football fields), we are still working with a dense, vertical site and most of our public spaces will reflect its urban environment. There will be various public gathering areas throughout the development, which are likely to include a mix of hardscaped plazas, small pocket parks, outdoor dining areas, rooftop gardens and more – if you look closely, you might even find a Peonies Park.

How much will The Crossroads cost?

Please do not tell the owners; the estimated cost for this project is at least half a billion dollars.

How long will it take to construct The Crossroads?

The demolition, development and construction phases are expected to last at least four years.

What retailers are you seeking to go into The Crossroads?

We are in the pre-development stage of the project, which means we are not ready to tell you about all of the new retailers. We can promise you we are having active discussions with many new-to-market concepts. We look forward to the day when we can make announcements.

How do you envision repurposing the iconic marquee sign on the corner of 72nd & Dodge?

This is a critical intersection to the City of Omaha and The Crossroads redevelopment alike. Of course we are excited to have the opportunity to incorporate this iconic sign into our vision – you should expect we do something on this corner that symbolizes its importance.

Why is now the right time to redevelop The Crossroads?

Yes, now is the right time to start The Crossroads redevelopment project. Omaha has an active and stable economy and has been and will continue to be a business-friendly, dynamic city for its industries and citizens alike. This is an ideal, urban-infill development that properly leverages the surrounding infrastructure investment already in place.



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